Our Story



Fabio from the beautiful historic Vicenza, situated in the north-east of Italy and Melissa from Perth are the co-founder and co-owner of BASE WF PIZZA.
Fabio, pizzaiolo with over 10 years of experience with the passion and love for genuine Italian food and the creativity of Melissa are the ingredients of this small catering business.


BASE WF PIZZA started operating in May 2015 catering for private and corporate functions and attending public events and markets such as Perth Upmarket, Angelo Street festival, Food Truck Pop Up and many others.

We enjoy our job and being part of our customers special events. Let us cater for you!
We know you will enjoy our wood fire pizza and our service.

Our pizza is the traditional Italian pizza eaten in Italy.
It’s cooked in a wood fire stone oven using dry jarrah.
We make the traditional Italian pizza.
Our pizza dough is made fresh using top brand Iaquone Italian flour and imported Levante extra virgin olive oil.
Our San Marzano tomato pizza sauce, mozzarella, stracchino and spicy Italian sausage are also imported direct from Italy.
Fresh local WA produce is used for our fresh pizza toppings.
Passion and love for good food is the final ingredient.
This is what we believe makes our Italian wood fire pizza special.
Buon appetito!